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Emily Wiedemann ’01 Visits Upper

Emily Wiedemann ’01 spoke to Upper School students about her work as a producer in the film industry on Monday, April 8, as part of the Alumni Speaker Series, honoring the 50th anniversary of the merger that created The Seven Hills School.

Wiedemann is the founder and executive producer of Greencard, an independent film company in New York City that makes commercials and short and feature films. During her keynote speech at the all-school meeting, Wiedemann shared how following her passions led her from majoring in art history at New York University to working in the restaurant industry to becoming a film producer.

“Passions change as you grow. You just have to get started. Don’t wait around for the perfect opportunity or for some lightning bolt from above to tell you what you should be doing. Try something, and see if you like it. You don’t need to have a grand master plan, you just need to make some smaller, hopefully thoughtful, choices. Try different things, stay busy,” Wiedemann told the students.

Wiedemann attended Jason Knarr’s film and animation class and ran students through a storyboarding exercise. She visited Shauna Whelan’s creative writing class and shared how she explored creative writing while at Seven Hills, writing and directing her own play as her Challenge Experience.