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Delivering a little (Tasty) Joy!

Shortly after returning back to school from winter break, Upper School science teacher Bridget Ancalmo’s advisory group delivered dinner to 23 families housed by Bethany House at a local hotel. Seven Hills has a long history with Bethany House. In past years advisories and families have gone to their shelters and cooked breakfast for the families. “With COVID this is not possible so Dr. Horner, Mr. Drew, students Ric DeLyons, Graham DeWitt, John Mullin, Jack Good, the African American Awareness (AAA) Club, Dewey’s Pizza, and I all joined in together to provide dinner, which students helped deliver, for the Bethany House residents ,” said Ancalmo. Ancalmo said she hopes other advisories, clubs, classes, and families might consider doing the same this school year. Bethany House provides shelter for homeless mothers and their children and helps them find jobs and permanent housing. Ancalmo said Bethany House has been utilizing local hotels during the pandemic in order to keep families socially distanced and healthy.