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Junior leads Summer Reading Redesign

Junior Grace Dunson led the Upper School English department’s redesign of the Summer Reading Program to make it multicultural. Dunson, who is part of the LatinX community, chose LatinX for the first year, but the program will highlight a different culture or identity each year with each grade reading a different book. She stressed the importance of getting different perspectives on each identity. “There are different voices in each culture. We are trying to break free from that monolith and that one perspective, like Min Jin Lee talked about,” Dunson said. The multicultural program will also have new elements, like an expert panel discussion, service opportunities, and speakers. The program is student-driven and Dunson encouraged her classmates to suggest cultures or identities to the English department. “If you have a voice that you feel is not being represented in the English department, that is something you can bring to the table and see it happen. That is what I think is wonderful about this program,” Dunson said to her classmates at an all-school meeting.