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Upper School Computer Science Students Look Back on What They Learned

Students of  Upper School computer science teacher Marcus Twyford spent their last day of class reflecting on the year’s projects, and what they learned in the process. Senior John Humphrey presented a series of self-driving robot cars created by a tape course that the cars would follow using a circuit board, LED lights, and light sensors that would reflect against the tape to help determine which way to turn. The class also put together a hydroponic setup, built in part by using rock wool. They talked about how every project produced its own unique setbacks, but Twyford hopes the students learned that failure is part of the process. “So often, we’re taught to find the answer, instead of figuring out a path, which I think is some of the opportunity we don’t have nowadays,” Twyford said. “Tinker with things, figure out how they work. You’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to struggle through things. But it’s going to be okay.”