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History Students Zoom Denmark to Discuss Presidential Election

Eric O’Connor’s Upper School history students recently discussed the U.S. Presidential election with high school students at Odense Katedralskole in Odense, a city on the island of Funen in Denmark. Some students found socially distanced corners in the Upper School hallways to set up with their iPads. Others sat outside to host their Zoom calls. The Danish students asked questions ranging from political party preference to the tone and pulse of politics among Upper School students. Most students’ Zoom calls lasted for about 20-30 minutes. O’Connor said he arranged the calls because the opportunity to reflect upon one’s socio-political state through the lens of someone who lives outside the country is always a revelatory experience. The educational Zoom call was made possible via Upper School English teacher Caleb Paull and Danish teacher Anne Louise Sølvtoft Ottosen.