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Students succeed on National Latin Exam

Twenty-six Upper School students received honors for their scores on the National Latin Exam. Junior Erin Finn won her fourth gold medal on the exam and earned the prestigious Maureen O’Donnell Book Award.Sophomore Gabrielle Walker earned her fourth perfect score in a row. On the 12th grade Advanced Reading Comprehension (Poetry & Prose) exam, Suhani Gupta and Naina Purushothaman earned sliver medal maxima cum laude and Robby Ligeralde and Sarah Croog earned magna cum laude. On the 11th grade Advanced Latin Prose exam, Finn earned a gold medal summa cum laude, Julia Tamai earned a silver medal maxima cum laude, and Beau Goldstein, Elisa Buttress, and George Mentrup earned magna cum laude. On the 10th grade Intermediate Reading Comprehension exam, Walker, Anna Kunkel, Lidya Tesfaya, Carter Stevens, Oliver Szabo, and Nora Donovan earned gold medal summa cum laude. Margaret Tenney and Arjun Gupta earned silver medal maxima cum laude and Leo Weller and Kailyn Brown earned magna cum laude. On the nineth grade Intermediate Latin exam, Kavan Vadivelu, Lauren VordemEsche, Evie Ferguson, and Josie Schneider received silver medal maxima cum laude. Rowan Blair, Caleb Hamon, and David Haas received magna cum laude.