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Experiencing the Joy of Singing together through Challenges

Fine and performing arts department chair and choral director Tina Kuhlman sung the praises of her student vocalists, saying that through all of the barriers and shortcomings, her students “stood up, sang out, and just got on with it.” Kuhlman said the students worked through singing with masks, projecting over air purifiers on full blast, keeping distance, and leaving rehearsal after 30 minutes of singing in order to clear the room of aerosols. “That would be challenging for professionals but these kids have shown up to every rehearsal,” she said. Kuhlman added that Broadway is dark, operas, theaters, and concert halls are empty, and music festivals are cancelled as artists everywhere face extraordinary challenges. “This year has not been about perfect. It’s been about making the best of a strange and difficult situation,” said Kuhlman.

Click here to view the Upper School Chamber Ensemble, which was recorded in late November in The Schiff Center by technical director Trey Tatum.