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Upper School Theatre Rocks “American Idiot”

The Seven Hills Upper School Theatre Department performed Green Day’s “American Idiot” in early May on The Schiff Center main stage. The brash Tony Award-winning punk-rock musical lit up the stage from start to finish. The kinetic cast dressed in punk-grunge from head to toe, depicted the intended angst from the 2010 Broadway production. “The cast, crew, and band has worked extremely hard on this challenging ‘rock opera’, which features a student and faculty-driven live rock band,” said theatre teacher Marc Raia. Congratulations to all students, including Audrey Howard, Aditi Sinha, Elias Buttress, Mikul Wyer, Wendy Woffington, Nora Donovan, Isabelle Anthony, Alice Bachelder, Noah Clark, Grace Dunson, Susie Stahl, Max Steinman, Margaret Tenney, Lena Wilson, Alex Burke, Mallory Gravitt, Timmy Jordan, Jason Knarr, Dan Dorff, Shravan Sekhar, Elyse Stieby, Molly Francis, Liam Belluso, Lucas Wall, Grayson Halonen, Will Kersting, and Anand Patil.