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Upper Schoolers Honored at Awards Day

Upper School students were honored at the annual Awards Ceremony on June 1. Held in The Schiff Center the ceremony celebrated, students of all grade levels with their peers and the Upper School faculty. The ceremony began with the announcement of the following students, who earned a Concentration in Seven Hills’ Experiential Learning program for studying a subject in-depth in the following fields:

Aana Shenai — Environmental Activism
Shravan Sekhar
— Health and Wellness

Rohan Nambiar was awarded The Seven Hills Cup, which is given to the leading scholar in the senior class.

Junior Nathan Walker was presented the Miriam Titcomb Award, the highest honor awarded to a junior, for exhibiting excellence in “initiative in some area, originality in some area, love of fellow man, and courage of convictions.”

Senior Edie Tesfaye was presented with the Clement L. Buenger Award on behalf of the Fund for Independent Schools of Cincinnati.

Junior Grace Dunson received the Neil Smith Scholarship, which is presented to a student in grade nine, 10, or 11 who best exemplifies the qualities for which Neil Smith is known. The selected student must “meet the world with optimism and good will; expect the best from themselves and others; and exhibit courage, compassion, integrity, and intelligence.”

The Personal Achievement Award was presented to the students whose contributions have made Seven Hills a better place. Honorees were freshmen Davion Washington and Nina Head, sophomores Nicholas Stein, juniors Kaeden Iyoha and Ariela Edelstein, and senior Emerson Rinaldi.

Lauren VordemEsche received the Sophomore Scholastic Achievement Award. This is awarded to a sophomore who exhibit a scholarly temperament and who have contributed the benefits of learning in a given discipline to the school and/or the wider community. This student exhibits a love of learning and intellectual curiosity and shares enthusiasm for the discipline with others.

Junior Aleesha Adhami received the Citizenship Award. This is awarded to the student who takes an active role in school and/or community affairs and who exhibits mature political and global consciousness and a sense of civic responsibility.

Junior Mikul Wyer was given the Creativity and Original Thinking Award. This award is given to a student who is committed to independent thinking and who has displayed an inquisitive and creative habit of mind.

Junior Alice Bachelder was awarded the Community Scholar Award, presented to the student “who has shown exceptional achievement in a given discipline and who has extended that knowledge to benefit the larger community.”

Logan Bien was presented the Carol Brestel Award. The recipient is selected by vote of the faculty “of a senior who combines enthusiasm and talent and who exhibits leadership in school life.”

Annalise Hawgood received the Florence Fessenden Award, which is given to a senior for outstanding achievement in a certain academic area.

Erin Finn was presented the Alumni Association Service Award, which is given to seniors who have an outstanding record of service to home and community.

Pranav Iyer received the Ruth Russell Jones Award, which is presented to a senior who exhibited the greatest overall improvement and intellectual growth over a three-year period.

Department Awards

Peter Cha — Andress Art Award

Elisa Buttress, Ruth Drath, Mallory Gravitt, Pranav Iyer, Cat McAndrew, Emily Rosenfield, and Sky Steinman — Theater Award

Sky Steinman — Fine and Performing Arts Award

Owen Lutz — Instrumental Music Award

Elias Buttress — English Award

Nina Head and Grace Guminey — Kathy Richardson Award

Rohan Nambiar —History Award

Jerry Hou — Math Award

Shanaya Bharucha — Biology Award

Keliang Yao — Chemistry Award

Oliver Szabo and Julia Tamai — Physics Award

Kyler Pang — Computer Science Award

Erin Finn — Latin Award

Ashley McLennan —Chinese Award

Anna Wabler — French Award

Anna Papakirk — Spanish Award

Anna Papakirk —Female Athlete of the Year

Will Wiles —Male Athlete of the Year

Anna Papakirk —Female Scholar Athlete

George Mentrup —Male Scholar Athlete

Shanaya Bharucha — Female Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award

Logan Bein —Male Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award

Aanvi Anand — Elinor Scherr Mosher Award

2023 Student Senate Award — David Brott