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Junior’s Tutoring Program Going Strong

Junior Erin Finn started Tutor Teens with her brother to help fellow Cincinnati-area students when schools shut down in April 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “At the time, everyone was looking for ways to connect with people, even if it was virtual. Tutor Teens filled that gap for both the teens and the students,” Finn said. Tutor Teens has provided more than 2,200 hours of free tutoring and homework help to Cincinnati-area students in grades K-12. “Of course, we match based on subjects and skills, but the little extra of knowing the teens have similar interests and something to talk about besides homework is really helpful — particularly in the beginning,” Finn said. Finn thanked the Seven Hills community for supporting the program, including Director of Experiential Learning Nick Francis, junior Shanaya Bharucha, and former Seven Hills student Savi Thompson.