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Upper Schoolers compete in math competitions

Four Upper School students qualified for the Ohio High School Mathematics Invitational Olympiad on Nov. 5. Seniors Jerry Hou, Rohan Nambiar, and Kyler Pang and junior Mikel Wyer competed in multiple events, including a ciphering competition. For the final event, each student was grouped with three others from different schools and had to complete 10 problems in 21 minutes, submitting an answer every two minutes. Wyer’s team took third place. On Nov. 10, Hou, Nambair, Pang, Wyer, and 14 other Upper School students took the AMC, a math competition with 25 questions that must be completed in 75 minutes. Congrats to freshman Abhinav Chandra; sophomores Ethan Hu, Ahalya Nambiar, Sydney Schneider, Keliang Yao, and Andrew Zhou; juniors Michelle Hu, Leon Li, and Oliver Szabo, and seniors Shanaya Bharucha, Jade Morse, and Jack Ringel. “The math department believes that critical thinking and problem solving are important components of a mathematical education, so the AMC is a great way for students to practice these skills in a competition setting,” said Upper School math teacher Sarah Mullan. Students who perform high enough on the AMC will advance to the American Invitational Mathematics Examination.