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Thirty-three students Inducted into Language Honor Societies

Thirty-three Upper School students were inducted into the French, Chinese, Spanish, and Latin honor societies in a series of ceremonies in April and May.

“We are proud of the students’ hard work in their language studies,” said Teresa Bardon, chair of the Upper School world language department. “Now, we could talk about the various grammar and vocabulary concepts we have studied throughout their language years, but learning a language is not solely about syntax. It is about understanding the true meaning of global citizenship. It is about understanding who they are and what they can achieve.”

Congrats to seniors John Corbett, Callie Drew, Magnolia Fan, Gardner Follin, Evelyn Gao, Heidi Jurgensen, Leon Li, Ria Mittal, Erin Pierani, Abby Robinson, and Margret Schnirring for their induction into the French National Honor Society.

Congrats to juniors Vikasni Bandinani, Daniel Choi, Anna Kunkel, AJ Lee, and Nicholas Roblyer for being inducted into the Chinese National Honor Society.

Congrats to juniors Ahalya Nambiar and Sophia Schuermeyer and seniors Dhanush Bearelly, Leila Blackshaw-Brown, Max Brown, Megha Gaitonde, Julie Jiang, Avi Mahajan, Anish Patil, and Shravan Sekhar for their induction into the Spanish National Honor Society.

Congrats to juniors Rowan Blair, Evie Ferguson, Erin Jackson, Caleb Hamon, Josie Schneider, Kavan Vadivelu, and Lauren VordemEsche their induction in the Latin National Honor Society.