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Two Students named finalists for AJC Service Awards

Senior Maya Martinez Diers and junior Jack Ringel were both named finalists for service awards from the American Jewish Committee, which honors outstanding student volunteers of all faiths for their passion for making their community a better place. Martienz Diers was named a 2022 Simon Lazarus, Jr. Award finalist for their passion for promoting equality in all communities. As an tutor, they inspired others to speak their truth and provided a safe space for them to do so. Ringel was named a 2022 Simon Lazarus, Jr. Human Relations Award finalists. While tutoring elementary school students in math, Ringel created customized curriculums focused around student interests, such as food, video games, or famous athletes, to help them better connect with the material. He has tutored more than 200 students and translated some of his lessons into Spanish to reach a larger population.