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Judy Shuppert

Doherty Lower School Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
B.S. Child Development & Family Life, University of Cincinnati

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I truly believe that the most important skills that I teach in my room are: how to cooperate with others, how to stand up for one’s self as well as stand up for others, social skills, how to share, the importance of believing in one’s self.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

I treat my class as my school family. I actually tell my students that they are my school family and that we all need to work together each day. When a child is distressed or needing extra emotional attention, we help each other. I do not have a specific method that I follow other than using the family values that were taught to me by my parents. After a few months of school, my class always seems to work well together showing respect for and patience with each others’ wants and needs in the classroom.

My favorite projects

I love exploring the dramatic play area with my students, and I involve them in deciding what this area should become. I love listening to my students talk to each other about their big plans and ideas for this project and hearing them problem-solve and make compromises as they collaborate to execute their plans. Everyone gets involved, even those who do not favor dramatic play. I usually have my little engineers planning and problem solving, my creative individuals decorating, and my practical thinkers making sure everything is as realistic as possible. Though not everyone will use the dramatic play area when it’s finally open and ready, we all work together on the areas as a “school family” to build and create the space. It is an absolute joy to watch.

What I like best about teaching at Seven Hills

I love teaching at Seven Hills. I am treated with the upmost respect as a parent and as a teacher. To me, the School is an extension of my family.