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The Arts

To us, the arts are essential to a rich, satisfying life. Not only are they key to self expression, critical problem-solving, and the development of both sides of the brain, they also give us a window into other cultures and their ways of thinking. That’s why they play a major part in the Seven Hills education. With so many thespians, pianists, sculptors, and painters in our midst, our arts facilities stay abuzz with creativity all day long.

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Whether students are just entering pre-kindergarten or finishing senior year, the arts provide an integral path to expression and discovering a sense of self. The rich arts program at Seven Hills makes it possible for students to connect not only with their inner selves, but with the marvelously talented individuals around them.

Jacob Hauser Head of Fine and Performing Arts


We believe that the arts are critical to a complete education. Beyond improving brain development at a young age, the arts provide a unique setting for students to develop their emotional and social intelligence. Especially for children moving into their teen years, the arts aid students in discovering the world around them. That’s why we are dedicated to giving students the highest quality experience possible. 

Jacob Hauser, Head of Fine and Performing Arts

Through daily participation in visual arts, music, and drama in The Schiff Center and the Donovan Arts Center, students can explore their creative sides, master advanced techniques, and experiment with self-expression. The arts at Seven Hills also bring people together. When rehearsing a play, presenting a sculpture at an exhibit, or improvising in a band, students are part of a community of artists working together in an environment that fosters creativity. 

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Jacob Hauser

Head of Fine and Performing Arts


Arts by division

In Lower School, our students are exposed to a deep and immersive arts experience each and every day. In the core areas of music, visual arts, and drama, our curriculum strives to build self-esteem and promote openness to the ideas and expressions of others.

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The fine and performing arts curriculum at the Seven Hills Middle School provides students with a progression of concepts, skills, projects, and performances that facilitate creative thinking and aesthetic sensibility while encouraging them to explore their personal interests and develop their individual talents.

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It’s easy to capture the passion of our Upper School artists. Why? Because they love to create. Lead by teachers that are professionals in their respective fields, they are surrounded by high energy and creativity all day long as they participate in inspiring projects and step out of their comfort zones.

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