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Seven Hills Student Selected to be TEDx Speaker

Seven Hills sophomore Shane DiGiovanna, has been passionate about space exploration since his toddler years. In a few days, Shane will have the rare opportunity to join a select group of speakers in sharing his passion with the world.

Shane is one of nine speakers recently selected to participate in the highly-selective TEDxCincinnati Main Stage Event: “Vibrant Curiosity,” which will take place in Memorial Hall on Oct. 16. Billed by TEDx as part of a “fantastic lineup of incredible people,” Shane will focus on his extensive scientific studies, namely, designing spacecraft that will explore the solar system.

Along with Shane’s strong academic focus come medical complexities that affect him on a daily basis. Born with a rare, incurable skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, Shane is also profoundly deaf, but hears with the aid of bilateral cochlear implants. In addition to his studies, Shane works diligently to help others with his skin condition by serving on an advisory board at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

TEDxCincinnati furthers the mission of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) by giving a voice to ideas worth spreading throughout Greater Cincinnati, and, with the help of social media outlets such as YouTube, the world. The October theme,”Vibrant Curiosity,” will share insights on Health Innovations, Wellness, and Biotech. 

Please click here to view ticketing information for the “Vibrant Curiosity” event