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Terpsichorean Task

Fourth-graders in Maria Eynon’s music class recently worked through a number of line dances in which they criss-crossed, grapevined, executed three-point turns, and toe-tapped. There was something especially unique about their dances, however. Each dance was choreographed by the students, who learned the official names of the dance moves, wrote the choreography, then, once each group mastered their compositions, taught the rest of their class, including Eynon. The students jammed out to songs by a broad genre of groups, including Megatronic, Skillet, and Rihanna. Eynon asked the students to compose their own line dances as part of the students’ movement unit. “When they are fifth-graders, they will be required to choreograph their own pieces for performances,” said Eynon. “This lesson is a big step toward their future work in music class.”