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Seven Hills Launches New Program to Help Students “Find Their Passion”

Students thrive when their passions are uncovered and nurtured. The Seven Hills School is pleased to further its mission to prepare students for a 21st century, global community by creating a department of experiential learning.

This fall Seven Hills’ former Upper School Head Nick Francis assumed a new role as Director of Experiential Learning, to engage our Upper School students more fully in “real world learning” and guide them toward meaningful engagement beyond Seven Hills. The new role places a strong focus on career exploration and internships, community involvement and service learning, leadership training, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

“Nick has been intimately involved in the planning for this new program,” said Seven Hills Head of School Chris Garten. “He brings a deep knowledge of our community, close relationships with students and their families, and a strong passion for helping students.”

Said Francis, “It’s really about helping kids explore through their interests and passions beyond the walls of Seven Hills. My goal is to help every Seven Hills student identify their passion and be able to pursue it.”