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Marty Gerhardt

Doherty Lower School Physical Education and Health Teacher & Lower School Athletic Coordinator
B.S. Mathematics/Physical Education, DePauw University

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I want to teach students to find an activity or sport that they love and in which they will continue to participate throughout their lives. I want them to enjoy all the aspects of being active and to make it a part of their lives.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

To accomplish this goal, we try to introduce the students to as many different group and individual activities, games, and sports as we can. We focus on participation, rather than ability, and a personal sense of accomplishment, rather than winning.

My favorite projects

My favorite units to teach are a new activity or a cooperative game. It is wonderful to see the kids work together and get caught up in the excitement of their success.

What I like best about teaching at Seven Hills

I love the opportunity to teach children throughout the different elementary grades and to have the gift of getting to know them and watching them grow up. I love sports and I love children—working with both is an incredible experience! I feel extremely fortunate to work with our amazing teachers. They are also wonderful people and friends and make each day a better day!