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At Seven Hills, whether you’re just starting out or about to graduate, you’ll be celebrated for the things that make you unique. In an open, trusting environment—with teachers to guide you through every chapter of your journey—you’ll become the individual you’re meant to be: one with a fascinating, rich, and meaningful story that’s entirely your own.

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Why Seven Hills

From an early age, we instill the importance of experiential learning, guided by passionate teachers who cultivate each child’s unique potential.

Confident Here, we believe that students help chart their own course. We celebrate students for what makes them unique. We empower them to follow their dreams and inspire them to take on new challenges as they become confident individuals.

Engaged Students discover the power of participation and collaboration as they engage in learning that’s fun and interesting. Whether it’s in or out of the classroom, students will find themselves enjoying school more than ever before.

Prepared Ultimately, students need to be prepared. With a Seven Hills education, they’ll be ready to meet every opportunity ahead of them and eager to fulfill their potential and make a contribution to the world around them.

Thriving We give students room to grow so that they can thrive. We encourage them to think hard. To look closely. To read deeply. Guided by our dedicated teachers, students will find that they are just as excited to learn as we are to teach.

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We believe that education is relationship-based and that students learn best when teachers fully understand their interests, motivations, and learning styles.

Christopher P. Garten Head of School

Academic Approach

Early Childhood Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten

Our pre-kindergarden program features child-centered teaching in a warm and nurturing atmosphere, so, right from the start, students experience the joy of learning.

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Lower School Early Childhood to 5th Grade

From their first day in Lower School to 
their last, our students’ own interests help guide their daily experiences as they explore who they are—and all the amazing things they can do.

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Middle School 6th Grade to 8th Grade

Because we see learning as a self-propelled journey, our Middle School curriculum focuses on letting students take the reins and test their limits.

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Upper School 9th Grade to 12th Grade

We give our Upper School students significant freedom and responsibility—because we know they have the discipline, creativity, and tenacity to take it on.

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