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Carri Haskins

Middle School Mathematics Teacher & Team 7 Leader
B.A. Human Services/Minor-Math, The George Washington University

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

The two most important things I want to teach my students are (1) to understand the many ways in which math is part of our everyday lives, and (2) the skills they will need to be successful in the Upper School and beyond.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

Once a month we spend a day or two doing a real life activity that involves the use of math. We do analysis on matters such as cost-to-travel comparisons, stock market activity, interest rates on certificate of deposits, debt-to-income ratios, running a business, and shopping with credit cards. In addition, we continue to work on note taking skills, study skills, organization, and time management.

My favorite projects

My favorite project is debt-to-income ratio. We research a job that we want and its average salary, a house to live in, and a car to drive. We use a loan calculator online to help calculate our monthly payments for our house and car. We then calculate how much debt we are going to have each month versus how much income we will bring home each month.

What I like beset about teaching at Seven Hills

What I like best about Seven Hills are the support of faculty and the love of learning the kids have.