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Bridget Ancalmo

Upper School Science Teacher
B.A. Biology, Hiram College
M.A. Science Education, Ohio State University

Teaching Philosophy

 Important skills I want to teach my students

I want to teach the students to be lifelong learners and to always question what is around them. I want them to actively seek out answers and to be able to decipher facts from propaganda.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

I encourage students always to question what they are learning. I challenge them to explore questions that don’t have any definitive answer at this time and find ways that an answer might be found.

My favorite projects

My favorite project of the year is the ongoing bird project. It is a real-world project that involves questions that are not yet answered. It builds a passion for birding that the students can carry with them through life whether they choose a career in science or not. And, it’s just a fun way to learn.

What I like best about teaching at Seven Hills

I like best the students’ desire to learn new things and their genuine excitement about learning.