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Amy Kulhavik

Doherty Lower School Unit I Teacher
B.A. Human & Consumer Sciences-Retail, Ohio University
M.A. Early Childhood Education, College of Mt. St. Joseph

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I want my students to be confident learners. My hope is for each student to feel comfortable and safe in the classroom environment. I want every student to feel secure enough to ask questions, challenge themselves, and think outside the box. My goal is for my students to feel proud of themselves when they leave Unit I.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

I use a variety of teaching methods in my classroom. I gear many lessons toward a hands-on approach where students can relate the information they are learning to real world situations. I think it is important for students to understand why they learn what they do and how it will affect the rest of his/her education. I get to know my students well, and I find out how each student learns. Every child is different, as is his/her learning style. Understanding this and adjusting my teaching to reach every student is important and necessary for the benefit of my entire class.

My favorite projects

My favorite project we do as a unit is the poetry presentations. Throughout the school year, we do three presentations where each child studies and memorizes a poem. At the beginning the students work in pairs, but by the last presentation, every child chooses his/her own poem to recite. It is the most amazing feeling to see the students standing in front of an audience so confident, sure, and proud. It is hard work for the children but the public speaking experience they gain is invaluable.

What I like best about teaching at Seven Hills

I love teaching at Seven Hills. I enjoy being part of this family! It is so nice getting to know every student and his/her family. I love the way teachers work together as a team. I love how the students have such a great understanding of the community and how giving to others is a priority. I love coming to school each day and I count myself lucky to be a part of such a great school with amazing families and a dedicated staff.