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Hillsdale Campus Virtual Map

Seven Hill Virual Map
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The Schiff Center

The Schiff Center is a 500-seat gathering space and serves as a community forum. Here we host speaker series events; theatrical, choral, and instrumental performances; academic competitions; award ceremonies; school-wide gatherings; and celebrations. With a state-of-the-art auditorium, tech booth, catwalk, and wing and fly spaces. The Schiff Center is also home to our Upper School and Middle School instrumental and choral classrooms and rehersal spaces.


Middle School

The new Seven Hills Middle School building opened in spring of 2022, after a $7 million expansion and renovation designed to reimagine the Middle School experience. 

Guided by Seven Hills’ educational philosophy that Middle Schoolers thrive best in environments designed just for them, our sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders learn and collaborate in dedicated spaces we call communities within a community

Upper School

The Upper School is home to our ninth- through 12th-grade students. It features grade-level learning, collaborating, and gathering spaces. We have large classrooms, science and technology labs, spacious hallways, and common areas.

There is also a large library, brimming with digital and print resources and comfortable places to conduct research, read, study, and relax with friends.

Hillsdale Commons

Hillsdale Commons serves as a forum space for Upper School students to study independently, work in groups, take a break, meet friends, or grab some lunch or a snack.

It features:

  • Large, raised worktables, each wired to power laptops or charge phones.
  • Booths and other comfortable seating for eating, meeting, or relaxing.


The Donovan Arts Center is home to visual and performing arts pursuits for Middle and Upper School students. Students take classes in core elements and principles of music both choral and instrumental, visual arts, and theater. The DAC includes a black box theater for Middle School instruction and productions; a digital design studio; a large art studios for pottery, drawing, and painting instruction and exploration; three kilns for firing pottery and glass projects, and gallery space to showcase student and faculty work.

Resale Shop

The Seven Hills Resale Shop is a community second-hand shop serving Seven Hills families and the public, with proceeds invested into special projects for the school. The shop offers a variety of clothing, furniture, housewares, toys, books, and artwork.

Founders Hall

Founders Hall is the Hillsdale Campus cafeteria, serving faculty and students from pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds through grade 12 with breakfast and hot and cold lunch options.

Leyman Science Center

The Leyman Science Center is the science classroom for Lower School students in grades 1-5. 

It includes:

  • Science lab resources for hands-on exploration.
  • An ever-changing menagerie of classroom animals.
  • Garden spaces for plant and nature studies.

Meckel Center

The Meckel Center provides classroom space for Lower School students in grades pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds through grade 5. 

It features:

  • An exciting Spanish language classroom.
  • Fun-filled music resources.
  • An exuberant arts studio.

Lotspeich Lower School Building

The Lotspeich Building is home to our Hillsdale Lower School students in grade 1-5. The Lotspeich Building is also home to the after school enrichment program for the Hillsdale Campus called After the Bell.

The Lotspeich Building features:

  • Project Math makerspace.
  • A technology lab.
  • Tutorial spaces.


The pavilion provides shelter from rain and sun for Lower School students at recess, as well as a place to play games or put on a skit with schoolmates. Come game day, the area transforms into the go-to spot for fans looking for drinks and snacks to keep them going during the big game. Go Stingers!

Briggs Business Office

The Briggs Business offices is home to some of our administration services. It features the business office, where Seven Hills students and families can get questions answered or pay tuition and fees; the development office, which is the home of our development team, including alumni engagement and donor relations; and the communications and marketing office, which is the source for Seven Hills’ publications and content, including The Buzz, magazines, annual report, and social media.

Red Barn

The Red Barn is the drama classroom and black box theater for our pre-kindergarten through grade 5 Lotspeich Lower School students.

It is home to:

  • A puppet stage
  • Theatrical productions
  • Drama and improv instruction

Nellie Leaman Taft Early Childhood Center

The Taft Early Childhood Center is home to our youngest scholars on the Hillsdale Campus, including our pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds through kindergarten students, as well as the home of our Beginnings Parent and Toddler Enrichment Program for children ages 12-24 months old. It features spacious and homelike classrooms; a science lab and kitchen space; a muscle room for fine and gross motor skill development; and a stage for performances, presentation, celebrations, and ceremonies.

Stoehr Gym

Stoehr Gym is one of three Seven Hills gymnasiums and is used by Middle School Stinger volleyball and basketball, as well as Middle School and Lower School physical education classes.

Kalnow Gym

Kalnow Gym is one of three Seven Hills gymnasiums and is the home court of the Seven Hills Stinger varsity and junior varsity basketball and hub of school pep rallies. Kalnow Gym houses our weight room, athletic trainers’ office, athletic department offices, locker rooms, and concession stand. Kalnow also serves as space for Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School physical education classes.

Field House

The Field House is one of three Seven Hills gymnasiums and is the home court for Lower School Stinger volleyball and basketball; practice space for varsity, junior varsity, and Middle School basketball, and cheerleading; and athletic department offices. The Field House also has two indoor batting cages and a concession stand. This gymnasium is also a site for physical education classes.

Tennis Courts

The 10-court tennis center is home court for the varsity, junior varsity, and Middle School boys and girls tennis teams, and Middle School and Upper School physical education’s  tennis units.

Youth Softball/Baseball diamonds

The Youth Softball/Baseball diamonds are the home diamonds for the Lower School Stinger baseball and softball teams. They also serve as the practice field for Middle School  baseball.

Upper School Softball Diamond

The Upper School Softball Diamond is the home diamond for the varsity, junior varsity, and Middle School Stinger softball teams and site for physical education classes.

Upper Field

The Upper Field is the home field of the Middle School Stinger lacrosse team, and the practice field for the soccer and lacrosse teams.


The track is home for the varsity, junior varsity, and Middle School Stinger Track and Field teams.

DeWitt/Good Auxiliary Field

The DeWitt/Good Auxiliary Field is the practice field for Lower School, Middle Soccer, and Upper School soccer and lacrosse, and also serves as a rental field.

Lower Field

The Lower Field is home for the varsity and junior varsity Stinger lacrosse and soccer teams.

Upper School Baseball Diamond

The Upper School Baseball diamond is the home diamond of the varsity,  junior varsity, and Middle School baseball teams, and is the Lower School soccer practice field.

Parking Lot A

Parking Lot A provides parking for guests, faculty, and staff.

Parking Lot B

Parking Lot B provides parking for visitors, students, faculty, and staff.

Parking Lot C

Parking Lot C provides parking for Resale Shop customers, Seven Hills visitors, students, faculty, and staff.

Parking Lot D

Parking Lot D provides parking lot for visitors, students, faculty, and staff.

Parking Lot E

Parking Lot E provides parking for Schiff Center visitors, faculty, and staff.

Parking Lot F

Parking Lot F provides accessible parking for Lower Field sports fans.

Parking Lot G

Parking Lot G provides parking for visitors, faculty, and staff.

Parking Lot H

Parking Lot H provides parking for visitors, sports fans, students, faculty, and staff.


The 25-acre Hillsdale Campus houses the Lotspeich division of our Lower School (2-year-olds through grade 5), the Middle School (grades 6-8), and Upper School (grades 9 -12). The campus is comprised of 14 buildings, arranged into three sub-campuses, giving each division its own home and providing safe, stimulating spaces for students to learn and grow. A number of shared facilities for dining and community-building, the arts, athletics, and science and technology support the breadth of the school’s educational program. 

Seven Hills’ Doherty Campus houses the Doherty Division of Lower School (2-year-olds through grade 5). Learn more about how Seven Hills is two campuses, one school


Below is a legend of our key buildings and places. Enable or disable the markers to see the location of a particular category. Select an item by clicking on the dot or on the legend name to view additional detail.

Academic & Arts Facilities

  1. The Schiff Center
  2. Middle School
  3. Upper School
  4. Hillsdale Commons
  5. DAC
  6. Resale Shop
  7. Founders Hall
  8. Leyman Science Center
  9. Meckel Center
  10. Lotspeich Lower School Building
  11. Pavillion
  12. Briggs Business Office
  13. Red Barn
  14. Nellie Leaman Taft Early Childhood Center

Athletic Facilities

  1. Stoehr Gym
  2. Kalnow Gym
  3. Field House
  4. Tennis Courts
  5. Youth Softball/Baseball diamonds
  6. Upper School Softball Diamond
  7. Upper Field
  8. Track
  9. DeWitt/Good Auxiliary Field
  10. Lower Field
  11. Upper School Baseball Diamond


  1. Parking Lot A
  2. Parking Lot B
  3. Parking Lot C
  4. Parking Lot D
  5. Parking Lot E
  6. Parking Lot F
  7. Parking Lot G
  8. Parking Lot H