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Doherty Campus Virtual Map

Seven Hill Virual Map
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Haile Hall

Haile Hall is the home of the early childhood education for students in pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds through kindergarten on the Doherty Campus, as well as the after school enrichment program called After the Bell.

Jones Hall

Jones Hall has grade 1-5 classrooms, a Spanish classroom, a computer lab, and a science lab. It is also home to the Doherty Campus Library, with thousands of books and electronic reference materials, and the Creation Studio makerspace.

Faran Hall

Faran Hall is home to the art, music, and drama studios on the Doherty Campus.

Brooks Hall

Brooks Hall houses the gymnasium, dining hall, and performance stage.


The courtyard is the main gathering place on the Doherty Campus. Throughout the year events such as the Halloween Spooktacular, concerts, and the Doherty Closing Ceremony happen in the courtyard.

Playground and Playfield

The spacious playground and playfield offers recreation and free time for Doherty students in grades 1-5.

Early Childhood Playground

Specifically designed to cater to the needs of Doherty’s youngest students, the Early Childhood Playground is located behind Haile Hall.

Soccer Field

The soccer field is the home field for the Lower School Stinger soccer teams and numerous athletic and physical education activities throughout the year.

Parking Lot A

Parking Lot A provides parking for visitors, faculty, and staff.

Parking Lot B

Parking Lot B provides parking for visitors, faculty, and staff.

Parking Lot C

Parking Lot C provides parking for visitors, faculty, and staff.

The Doherty Campus is the site of one of Seven Hills’ two Lower School divisions with educational roots dating back to 1906. This intimate, five-acre campus is home to our Doherty Lower School. Doherty is a perfect option for families who prefer that their children begin their education on a campus designed for students age 2 through grade 5, away from older grades.

Seven Hills’ Hillsdale Campus houses the Lotspeich Division of Lower School (2-year-olds through grade 5), the Middle School (grades 6-8), and Upper School (grades 9 -12). Learn more about how Seven Hills is two campuses, one school


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Academic Facilities

  1. Haile Hall
  2. Jones Hall
  3. Faran Hall
  4. Brooks Hall

Athletic & Outdoor Facilities

  1. Courtyard
  2. Playground and Playfield
  3. Early Childhood Playground
  4. Soccer Field

Parking Lots

  1. Parking Lot A
  2. Parking Lot B
  3. Parking Lot C