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May 19, 2022


Cheer off the Class of 2022

The entire Seven Hills School — and the seniors’ parents — gathered in a circle on the upper field to cheer for and send off the Class of 2022. With signs, cowbells, and foam fingers, Stingers of all ages rallied for the senior class as they ran around the circle. Juniors Anna Papakirk, Happy Quinn, and Will Wiles did an excellent job hyping up the crowd. Seniors Caitlin Drew and Anand Patil thanked everyone for their support. Senior Josh Porter gave a Seven Hills flag signed by all members of the Class of 2022 to the juniors to hang outside the senior lounge next year. Thank you to everyone who made just a wonderful event possible. And congrats to the Class of 2022!


Bunco night

Eighth through 12th grade parents had a blast together while playing Bunco in The Schiff Center lobby in early May. Bunco is a fun, easy, and interactive dice game generally played with 12 or more players. This game encouraged engaging conversations and interactions among the entire room.

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