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November 23, 2021


Four Students get perfect ACT, SAT scores

Four Upper School seniors received a perfect composite score on their college admissions tests. Kathryn Guo, Robby Ligeralde, and Naina Purushothaman received a perfect score of 36 on their ACTs. Jenny Hureceived a perfect score of 1600 on her SATs. “Less than one percent of ACT and SAT test takers nationally achieve a perfect 36 on their ACT or 1600 on their SAT, but four of them are Seven Hills students! We congratulate them on this amazing and wonderful feat,” said Director of College Counseling Susan Marrs.

Seven Hills Lifers Honored with Lunch

In late November, Upper School seniors, who have spent their entire education at Seven Hills, gathered for a second lunch hosted by the Development Department. The event was new this school year and members of the Development Department thanked the parents for trusting Seven Hills with their children for so long. Alumni president Gabe Davis ’03 spoke at the event about how Seven Hills helps seniors far beyond their time as students. “The connections I made at this school during my time here, greatly impacted my future in the best possible way. My connections with my teachers and peers opened doors for me long after I graduated.” Davis said.


Junior’s Tutoring Program Going Strong

Junior Erin Finn started Tutor Teens with her brother to help fellow Cincinnati-area students when schools shut down in April 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “At the time, everyone was looking for ways to connect with people, even if it was virtual. Tutor Teens filled that gap for both the teens and the students,” Finn said. Tutor Teens has provided more than 2,200 hours of free tutoring and homework help to Cincinnati-area students in grades K-12. “Of course, we match based on subjects and skills, but the little extra of knowing the teens have similar interests and something to talk about besides homework is really helpful — particularly in the beginning,” Finn said. Finn thanked the Seven Hills community for supporting the program, including Director of Experiential Learning Nick Francis, junior Shanaya Bharucha, and former Seven Hills student Savi Thompson.


Students program robotic vehicles

Numerous robotic vehicles attempted to make their way down a street and successfully turn onto the next, an act which drew a cheer from one Upper School student. Students in Marcus Tywford’s computer science class began their study of robotics by programming the motors in robotic vehicles. The goal was for students to use their coding knowledge to get the robots to drive through a track. In addition to robotics, Tywford said, the class covers programming, coding, and cybersecurity.

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