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May 18, 2023


Eighth Grader Wins National Writing award

Congratulations to eighth grader Lily Fraser for earning a First Class distinction for her poem “Like This Path Up Her Mountain” in the 2023 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Promising Young Writers Contest. The contest allows teachers to submit one student’s piece per school, which is then judged by a national panel of English teachers. This year, across the United States 146 students were nominated, with 56 selected to receive the First Class designation. Congratulations, Lily!


Students analyze the human body

Sixth graders in science teacher Jen Licatta’s class are learning more about the anatomy of the human body through a series of activities that bring them in for a closer look. Students used measuring tape to visualize how long a human’s intestines actually are, and were shocked to find the small and large combined can stretch up to 15 feet. Later on, students also familiarized themselves with different parts of the body using realistic life-size models and teams collaborated to identify body parts correctly in a “torso triathlon” competition.


Students recreate art

Seventh graders in French teacher Jacky Kalubi’s class recreated Auguste Renoir’s painting “Les Parapluies,” complete with outfits and props. After completing the pose, a photo was taken and printed as a full-size poster and sent to the Upper School French 3 class to paint the photo, to represent art’s continual evolvement.

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