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March 15, 2024


Global Education Day

The entire Middle School enjoyed participating in Global Education Day in mid-March. In the morning, students attended a variety of sessions about topics including wildlife conservation, how to build an engine, acupuncture, and many more. During the afternoon, students competed in an “Amazing Race”-style competition where they traveled around the Hillsdale Campus and completed a series of challenges. Students “ran with the bulls,” raced up “Mount Everest,” crossed a river, performed an Irish jig, and tried new food from around the world, just to name a few!


Noah Bendix-Balgley ’02 visits Middle School students

On March 4, Noah Bendix-Balgley 02 returned to Seven Hills to discuss his path to becoming the concertmaster for the Berlin Philharmonic with Middle School students. Prior to the Berlin Philharmonic, Bendix-Balgley served as concertmaster for the Pittsburgh Symphony from 2011-2014. Bendix-Balgley also played two musical numbers on a loaned violin, a historic 1718 Antonio Stradivari instrument. One of Stradivari’s violins is currently viewable at The Metropolitan Musem of Art. After Bendix-Balgley’s performance, he answered students’ questions about his life. The Middle School musicians were pleasantly surprised to hear he also performed in the Cincinnati Youth Orchestra when he was a Seven Hills student.


Seventh Grade Experiments with Air Pressure

In mid-March, science teacher Kristin Suer asked her seventh grade students how a boiled egg could go into a glass bottle without breaking. 
“We need to decrease the air pressure inside the bottle, which will force the egg inside,” Suer said. “And how do we do that? With fire!” 
Suer proceeded to light a small piece of newspaper on fire, placed it inside the glass, and put the egg on top. 
“Introducing a lit newspaper into a glass bottle initiates heating the air inside,” Suer said. “As the temperature rises, the air within expands. Placing an egg over the mouth of the heated bottle forms a sealed environment, restricting oxygen and extinguishing the combustion reaction from the burning paper. Subsequently, as the reaction ceases, the air cools, causing the air inside the bottle to contract. This contraction results in a lower-pressure environment inside the bottle than the surrounding atmosphere, prompting the egg to be drawn into the bottle to equalize the pressure.”

Hauck Scholarship Winner

Seven Hills has awarded the 2024 Frederick Hauck Scholarship to eighth graders Hasika Avanigadda and William Liu, ninth grader Maya Little, and eleventh grader Nicholas Stein. The Hauck Scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding commitment and achievement in math or science. Recipients are chosen based on their academic achievement in math and science and a demonstrated special interest in math and science outside of the classroom. The award is named after Dr. Frederick A. Hauck, a world-renowned nuclear scientist and philanthropist. He served on the Atomic Energy Commission and worked closely with Albert Einstein. In addition to his scientific achievements, he was a businessman, explorer, historian, industrialist, metallurgist, nature lover, and humanitarian. Winning students entering grades nine through 12 receive a one-year scholarship of $1,000 to be applied to next school year’s tuition at Seven Hills’ Upper School.

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