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March 15, 2024


Leap Day Fun

Lotspeich teachers surprised their students with an afternoon full of Leap Day adventures on Feb. 29. Students rotated through different stations that included learning a dance to “Jump,” folding paper frogs, discovering facts about frogs in Spanish, contributing to a school-wide frog mural, and more! The afternoon concluded with the entire division dancing on the Upper Field to “Jump” and some ECC students even joined in the fun.


Celebrating Black History Month

We’re spotlighting a few of the Black History Month educational experiences Lotspeich students enjoyed last month. During a morning assembly, Director of School Safety and Security Cassandra Tucker and her former police officer partner, Officer Jordan, discussed their journey into law enforcement. The pair shared inspiring stories about their motivations for becoming officers and emphasized their desire to keep people safe and contribute positively to the community. In third grade, learning support specialist Amaris White and her husband presented an informative and engaging presentation about Black History Month, talking about its history and importance. In fourth grade, students chose an African American changemaker to research and base their history quilts on. After writing a paragraph about their changemaker, students designed a quilt that featured their change maker’s accomplishments. The project was inspired by Faith Ringgold, an author and artist who uses her stories and quilts to talk about life as an African American.


Architects in Pre-kindergarten

Pre-kindergarten students in Tyler McIllwraith’s and Kathleen Koester’s classes displayed their models of different types of homes from around the world to ECC students on March 1. The little architects used a variety of materials to bring their visions to life and discussed the features of their homes with their peers with great enthusiasm and detail. From apartments to tree houses to yurts, students loved sharing their projects with their peers and learning more about the world.


Third Grade Learns Set Construction

Third graders worked with set constructor Aaron Delamatre, who’s also Lower School drama teacher Natalie Bird’s husband, to build different kinds of set pieces for scenes from the play “After Hours.” The students gained hands-on experience in constructing mannequin platforms and mastering fundamental techniques such as screwing, gluing, and assembly. Throughout the process, they inquired about set construction techniques and Delamatre’s experiences working in the set department.
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