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November 23, 2021



Lotspeich second graders and seniors ushered in the winter holiday season, kicking off Thanksgiving break on Nov. 23 during the Lotspeich and Upper School assembly. Under the direction of music teacher Robin Wilson, the second-graders first danced alone then concluded the dance alongside the seniors in Kalnow Gym. Head of Upper School Matt Bolton discussed the complicated history of American Thanksgiving, and how to respectfully celebrate the day. Terfa J. Atim, community outreach coordinator and literacy support for MEAC, thanked Seven Hills students and families for donating to the Thanksgiving food drive.  Head of Lotspeich Susan Miller thanked the school community for a fun day and wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving break.


Pre-k students craft gifts for family members

Pre-k students in teacher Abbey Johnson’s class painted wooden napkin holders as Thanksgiving gifts after graphing their immediate family members to determine how many each student needed. Students also wrote gratitude dedications where they practiced following a sentence’s narrative flow. Students wrote what they were grateful for and drew a picture to accompany their statements.


Third graders create gratitude journals

Third graders in teacher Kim Walden and Yael Newman’s classes began the process of creating their gratitude journals by thinking of 20 things they were grateful for. Walden and Newman then incorporated the list into a journal format by introducing basic paragraph structures and a longer elaborated paragraph. “Students smiled, laughed, and felt proud and lucky as they reflected about the good things in their life,” Newman said.


Second graders celebrate Diwali

Second graders in teacher Cicely Knecht’s class learned more about Diwali, the festival of lights, as parents read short stories and taught the students how to make diyas and rangolis, the traditional art made at the entrance of the house, which brings good luck and greets guests with a warm welcome.


Second graders build bridges out of toilet paper rolls

Second graders used math and engineering to construct a working bridge out of bathroom tissue rolls and other materials during Lower School math enrichment teacher Phoebe Dierkers’ project math class. The project enables students to learn and build four types of bridges: beam, truss, suspension, and arch bridges. “They use their understanding of the different features and elements of each bridge to develop a plan for the most structurally sound construction. Using geometry and measurement, students experiment with the strength of different shapes such as piers and other supports where tension and compression work together to provide strength. Students also use measurement in determining the size of their bridge’s deck, as well as the height of their piers. As engineers, they make observations and necessary changes throughout the bridge construction process,” Dierkers said.

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