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November 23, 2021


Seventh graders volunteer at Matthew 25

Continuing a Middle School tradition, seventh graders volunteered at Matthew 25: Ministries in Blue Ash. Students helped sort clothes and working around Matthew 25. “Students love going to volunteer. We are very blessed, healthy, and able to give back, and this was a great opportunity to do so!” Team 7 leader Carri Haskins said.


Eighth grade preview day

Eighth graders learned more about life at the Upper School during Upper School Preview Day in the Schiff Center Auditorium. The eighth-graders listened as Upper School seniors shared what they like best about Upper School, such as the freedom to choose certain classes and having a “free” bell after first quarter freshman year. Head of Upper School Matt Bolton, Athletic Director Scott Willard, Director of Experiential Learning Nick Francis, and college counselor Beth Driehaus spoke with students about the resources available to them in Upper School. After the presentations, students enjoyed Dewey’s pizza and Graeter’s ice cream in the Schiff lobby.


Seventh graders read books to Doherty students

Seventh graders from science teacher Kristin Suer’s class read their handmade solar system books to Doherty kindergarteners and first graders. Before this, the seventh-graders worked in groups to research and design their books based on their choice of planet for their Unit II project. Students could base the book on the planet itself or as a setting for their story. The leaders of each group presented the books to their peers, as well as read to Doherty students.


Eighth graders play WWI alliance game

Eighth graders in history teacher Judith Neidlein-Dial’s class strategized their way through an international alliance game to demonstrate how a small conflict between two countries escalated into World War I. Students divided into six groups represented different fictional countries residing on the same continent. “The goal is for no country to be without an alliance, but to also not make alliances that contradict each other,” Neidlein-Dial said. Toward the end of the game, Neidlein-Dial introduced a scenario where one country attacked another. Due to their alliances, every group’s country became involved, which led to a great war.


Sixth graders enjoy fun in drama class

Sixth graders improved their reaction time while understanding body language in drama teacher Jacob Hauser’s class. Students competed as a group while playing “Angel, Elephant, Palm Tree,” a game that requires students to anticipate the caller’s next move while outlasting their peers. Hauser stood in the middle of a circle and called out an action while pointing at a student. If they were unable to perform the correct action of an angel, elephant, or palm tree they had to sit down.

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