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October 29, 2021

One of the great pleasures of returning to a little more normal school year has been the opportunity to gather, once again, for live performances.
Two weeks ago, I attended the fifth-graders’ fabulous performance of  “Thwacked,” a pretty sophisticated political allegory about a fairytale kingdom rocked by reports — albeit from talking frogs — that the sky was falling. The performances were committed and charming, and the production, which featured spoken narration, rapid-fire dialogue, and elaborate choral pieces, was mesmerizing throughout.
Last weekend, I attended the Middle School’s performance of “Alice in Wonderland,” an even more elaborate production, enlivened with colorful costumes and bright, imaginative scenery: dynamic computer animations projected on enormous backstage scrims. Again, the performances were lively, enthusiastic, and joyful.
Both of these productions fully showcased the capacity of our new Schiff Center, and, as we have experienced before, this size and scale of the new venue inspired and elevated the efforts of the cast and crew to ambitious new heights. 
But what struck me the most was the joy we all felt in being together, once again, to witness and to celebrate the hard work of these talented and committed young people.
Congratulations to Robin Wilson, Jacob Hauser, Trey Tatum, Kathryn Rosenberg, and to all of the performers and crew members who worked so hard to bring these wonderful stories to life.
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