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May 18, 2023


I hardly know where to start! It has been a busy time for Seven Hills. Since last writing, we’ve been treated to four fabulous concerts, choral and instrumental ensembles in Middle and Upper School; no fewer than seven Lower School plays performed in the Red Barn; the third grade’s fabulous Cincinnati Museum exhibition; two festive evening celebrations, Lotspeich’s May Fete and the Doherty Carnival; the spirited running of the PreK’s Mini Pig marathon and Olympic Day at Doherty; Spring Spirit Night with a feast of lacrosse games and recognition of our Lower School athletes; and the emotional Senior Circle and all school community picnic.

Beyond all this, I want to add my own voice to the chorus of congratulations for our new Head of School-Elect Dr. Matt Bolton. I have watched with keen interest as our Board of Trustees Search Committee has sifted through dozens of applications from all over the world, and though, as retiring Head of School, I have not been involved in the selection of my successor, I am thrilled at the Board’s decision.

During his nine years as Head of the Upper School, Matt Bolton has consolidated Seven Hills’ reputation as the finest college preparatory school in the state of Ohio. He has recruited and nurtured a world-class faculty and orchestrated significant enhancements of our academic and co-curricular programs. Under his leadership, our curriculum has become more comprehensive and relevant, more engaging and student-centered.

Matt helped launch our signature Experiential Learning program and led on-going efforts to make our curriculum more multicultural and inclusive.  He has also helped guide the development of key programs in college guidance; diversity, and equity, and inclusion; social and emotional learning; and learning support.

I will look forward to working even more closely with Matt during the 2023-24 school year, and I will retire in June of 2024, with much greater confidence, knowing that Seven Hills will have such a capable school leader at the helm.

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