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October 29, 2021


Sophomores analyze and enjoy “Macbeth”

The Cincinnati Shakespeare Society performed the tragic tale of “Macbeth” for sophomores during a matinee production in the Schiff Center’s theater. Students also analyzed and produced a scene from “Macbeth” during a two-day workshop with Candice Handy, the director of education for the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. “It’s an incredible learning opportunity for students, as the play is intended to be performed, not merely read. Having seen the play first-hand helps inspire their essays and criticism, and allows them to appreciate the language and motivations of the characters.” Sophomore English teacher Mark Beyreis said.


Fifth-graders perform “Thwacked”

Lotspeich fifth-graders performed the musical “Thwacked” a tale of falling skies, a frog prince, and the power of the scientific method, for friends and family in the Schiff Centers theater. Before the performance, Head of Lotspeich Susan Miller praised the students for their hard work and dedication. “These students have spent many hours rehearsing their dancing, lines, and they are so skilled at comedic timing, everyone here is going to have a great time,” Miller said.


Fifth-graders learn frame-making

Lotspeich fifth-graders finished their water droplet projects during art teacher Jody Knoop’s class, with a surprise visit from Head of Lotspeich Susan Miller. After showing their masterpieces to Miller, students learned how to construct their own picture frames using a small hand-saw, wood, sandpaper, and glue. Afterward, students were able to paint their frames black, gold, red, or white to emphasize the colors in their paintings.  


First-graders use music with boomwhackers

Lotspeich first-graders learned the basics of tempo, sight-reading, and more while playing their own boomwhackers, a colorful percussion instrument students hit with their hands, or on the ground to emit a sound, during music teacher Robin Wilson’s class. Each student was given a different color, corresponding to a different note. Students were able to understand which notes should be played when as they learned to play Disney’s “The Skeleton Dance.”


Upper School students learn color blending

Upper School students learned how to blend a rainbow of primary, secondary and tertiary colors for a color wheel project in art teacher Sara Torgison’s class. “This exercise teaches students how to create any color they need with only primary colors. It’s the first project they’ve used paint for, and it’s a way to grow comfortable with colors and adjust them to suit their needs,” Torgison said. 

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