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January 20, 2022


Seven Hills received 141 Scholastic Writing Awards recognitions

The Scholastic Writing Awards recognized 69 Seven Hills students for their work across various writing categories. Numerous students won five or more recognitions. Senior Jenny Hu is an American Voices Award nominee, which is given to the top five out of more than 600 entries across all categories. “I am happy for everyone who received recognition this year, but I am proud of all the students who had the wild courage to submit their work for someone else to read,” said Mark Beyreis, chair of the Upper School English department. Hu and fellow seniors Maya Martinez Diers and Naina Purushothaman won Gold Keys for their creative portfolios. Hu and Purushothaman also won Gold Keys for their critical essays along with sophomores Alice Bachelder, Ronan Blair, Grace Dunson, Timothy Jordan, Ed Li, and Carter Stevens, and juniors Logan Bien, Erin Finn, Abigail Li, Ashley McLennan, and Neel Parameswaran. Gold Keys are the highest regional honor and recipients are entered into the national competition. Click here for a list of all winners!


21 Stingers named Fall Sports All Stars

The Cincinnati Enquirer named 21 Stingers as fall sports all stars.

Senior Jacob Joffe was named co-golfer of the year and to first team. Senior Collin Chen and freshman Billy Good were named to second team for golf and sophomore Charlie Mullin received an honorable mention. For girls golf, sophomore Maggie Motch was named to first team and sophomore Julia Zhu was named to second team.

Junior Sohana Thompson was named to first-team singles for tennis. Seniors Cristina Stancescu and Gabriella Khaskelis were given honorable mentions for singles. The doubles teams of seniors Wendy Woffington and Shriya Sekar and freshmen Charlotte Scharfenberger and Sydney Schneider were named to second-team doubles.

For boys soccer, senior Ahmed Abass was named to first team, freshman Everett Rinaldi was named to second team, and senior Joshua Porter received an honorable mention. For girls soccer, seniors Priya Jenkins and Caitlin Drew were named to first team and senior Alexis Veldhuis was named to second team.

Senior Meg Seshiah was named to first team and junior Ella Dubay received an honorable mention for volleyball.


Gender-Sexuality Alliance hosts first speaker of the year

The Gender-Sexuality Alliance hosted its first speaker of the year, Cole Woods, a freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Woods was assigned female at birth in Georgia, where he grew up with a strong desire to be of another gender, also known as gender dysphoria.  While earning his high school diploma, Woods had the opportunity to attend a wilderness therapy program outside of Asheville, North Carolina. It was there that Cole came out as a transgender man. Woods graduated from the therapeutic program as well as from high school, and he is currently pursuing his electrical engineering degree. “When you come out, you are still the same person but you’ve accepted yourself even more,” Woods said.  The students also learned that the Rochester Institute of Technology has dorms that are gender-inclusive which means anyone can live in that dorm no matter which gender or sexual identity they identify as.


Upper School winter production shines light on dangerous 1920s workplace conditions

The Upper School theater department is currently in rehearsal for their winter production of “These Shining Lives” by Melanie Marnich. The play centers around four women who worked in the 1920s for the Radium Dial Company, a watch factory based in Illinois. The play examines the dangers women faced while working for the company, and emphasizes the decreasing concern companies had for ensuring the health of their employees. The show will be performed in the Upper theatre classroom, in the Schiff Center room 102 on Feb. 3, 4, and 5.

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