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Superb College Prep

Our academic program fully prepares students to excel in some of the nation’s top universities by arming them with the skills and the habits of mind they need to thrive.


School Profile

Given Seven Hills’ superb college placement profile and breadth of scholarships consistently offered to our graduates, parents can be confident that Seven Hills provides some of the best college preparation not only in the Cincinnati area, but in the nation.


View our full college profile here to see our record of achievement in college admissions and benchmarked testing profiles for our students.

Rigor of Program

Our scores on national exams, such as the ACT, SAT, and Advanced Placement tests, demonstrate that for Seven Hills students, a rigorous academic experience is a given. Our Upper School students take an average of four honors courses and two AP courses over four years, and 60 percent of our students take arts courses beyond our requirements.

But what truly distinguishes Seven Hills is not what, but how students learn. As they progress through Upper School, they are given more freedom, independence, and responsibility both to choose their courses and electives and to take ownership of their own learning.

Students can choose from a host of honors or AP courses, both of which prepare them for the rigors of a college-level class. Some students can challenge themselves further by declaring a “concentration” or designing an independent study in fields such as community engagement, political engagement, engineering and design, and global citizenship.

Moreover, The Seven Hills Method commits the faculty to teaching each student in ways that foster engaged, independent learning. Guided by our expert faculty, over time, our students acquire the habits of mind, study skills, work habits, and emotional resilience they will need to not only excel in rigorous academic environments but in complex, collaborative workplaces.

What further sets our school apart is the focused, intentional way we set about fostering not only the academic skills, but the social and emotional skills that are so critical for future success.

By encouraging students’ artistic sensibility and their emotional intelligence, we help them understand who they are, what they love, and what they want to do with their lives. And by engaging them in meaningful service and interaction with the world, we help them grow into empathetic and compassionate leaders who are knowledgeable about and involved in the world around them.

Our College Counseling Process

Our signature four-year college counseling program gives students the support they need to find the colleges that will be perfect for them. In freshman year, college counselors get to know their students on a personal level, helping them pursue their interests and develop connections in the Seven Hills community. From there, our counselors act as partners to students, helping them plan college visits, build an attention-grabbing application, write a compelling essay, and navigate the financial aid labyrinth. Our college counseling staff also works to build each student’s resume and portfolio by helping them get involved in extracurricular activities and land internships. In senior year, our counselors help students make strategic choices about colleges and help them stand out in those colleges’ applicant pools.

By the time students make their final decisions, they’ve gone through a thorough process of self-discovery. They know what matters to them and what motivates them. And they know they’re ready for the leap into the next stage of their life.

Four-Year College Counseling