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Fostering Values

At Seven Hills, we believe that who you are is just as important as what you know.

Fostering Values

Educating Hearts and Minds

We educate according to these ideals. Students are taught to do their best in everything and for everyone. They learn to take part in a community that is both inspiring to them and inspired by them. They learn more than how to be a good student; they learn to be a good person.

Our Seven Values

  1. Pursuit of Excellence
  2. Kindness, Caring, and Compassion
  3. Respect for Others and Appreciation of Diversity
  4. Honesty and Integrity
  5. Fairness and Justice
  6. Commitment to Community
  7. Personal Responsibility and Accountability

Our Approach

In order to help foster these values in our students, we provide ongoing opportunities to explore various issues of diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion. School community events, affinity groups, and education around these topics encourage conversations between our students and introspection within themselves. Activities in and out of the classroom explore contemporary ethical issues and encourage student involvement in the community starting in pre-kindergarten and lasting all the way through 12th grade.

Beyond this, social and interpersonal skills like building friendships, resolving conflicts, handling stress, time management, and making good choices are formally and explicitly taught from an early age through engaging guidance classes and special events, such as our annual Kindness and Courage Retreats. Our Middle School students participate in the Second Step program, which formally educates them on responsible decision-making both in their personal relationships and with respect to drugs, alcohol, and human sexuality. Partnered with advisors who work to make sure every student is supported in every way possible, our students know they are cared for, not only as learners, but as people.

In close partnership with parents, we explicitly model and reinforce our core values through teachable moments at school and at home. Together, we help cultivate the ethical moral developments within our students so that they can grow into citizens with character and empathy.


The Result

We help students develop into principled young people who have character and compassion. They become culturally sensitive, honest, caring individuals who see the value in giving back to their communities and display personal responsibility and accountability. When students leave Seven Hills, they’re ready to lead with a strong set of core values that will help guide them through their life.