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A Culture of Innovation

Drawing on emerging educational research and innovative teaching practices, our dedicated faculty are evolving our students’ experiences each and every year.


Inspirational Teachers

It’s the commitment of our skilled, experienced, and forward thinking faculty that lets us accomplish what we do every day. Our reputation for excellence ensures that we are able to recruit highly talented teachers with a passion for the age group that they teach. They bring fresh and innovative approaches to the classroom, as well as years of educating expertise. They believe in our mission whole-heartedly and constantly look for new ways to improve upon our methods of achieving it.

Our Strategic Plan

The overall purpose of planning is to serve students and families better, enhance the school’s program, and strengthen its market position. Our Strategic Plan focuses on keeping Seven Hills innovative and highly competitive in areas like athletics and academics while also ensuring the further development of our cutting-edge facilities. We are accomplishing this with thoughtfully conceived initiatives that align strategy and vision to the school’s mission.


Curriculum Development Grant Program 

We offer a unique professional development grant program for our faculty that incentivizes teachers to spend the summer refreshing their curriculum in light of new educational research and findings. Since the inception of this program, we have funded more than 250 PreK-12 proposals.

A few examples include:

  • The introduction of a computational thinking and digital literacy curriculum at both Doherty and Lotspeich.
  • The “spiraling curriculum” developed by our sixth- and eighth-grade English teachers, who used a curriculum-development grant to ensure that students absorb essential reading and writing skills as they progress from grade to grade through our Middle School.
  • The development of our Upper School May Intensive course on Project Innocence.

Some teachers travel nationwide, visiting other exemplary schools and attending enrichment conferences, gaining knowledge on current best practices and new innovative teaching methods. Others travel around the world, experiencing new people and cultures and bringing new insights back to the classroom.

A Lower School teacher visited early childhood schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy; a Middle School teacher went to Alaska to study climate change; an Upper School theater teacher spent a week in New York to see plays.

The result is a motivated and inspired faculty members who develop and improve their teaching methods, write new curriculum, and create new courses. This ensures that every student at Seven Hills has access to the best and most innovative education possible.