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Visual Arts and Music Teachers Deliver Joint Lesson for Doherty First-Graders

Doherty first-graders met in mid-May for a special joint lesson with music teacher Maria Eynon and art teacher Donna Breitenstein, who worked together via Zoom to deliver an activity that incorporated movement, music, and visual arts. Students danced to music and froze to resemble the figures Breitenstein held up during class. The sculptures included the Statue of Liberty, Edgar Degas’ “Little Dancer of Fourteen Years,” and Paul Landowski’s “Christ the Redeemer” in Brazil. Both Eynon and Breitenstein shared a lesson on the history of the art incorporated into the activity. The joint class capped off an earlier lesson taught by Breitenstein, in which she asked students to choose their favorite statues or poses, mimic each pose, take a photo, and share their photos on Seesaw, a remote learning platform.