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Visiting Storyteller Urges, “Learn Your Migration Story”

Renowned local storyteller Omope Daboiku shared her rich family history with Middle and Upper school students in small and large groups in mid-February. Her stories, which centered around her nine-generation family migration across and throughout the United States, included threads of lessons in geography, multiculturalism, history, linguistics, and anthropology. “Learn your family migration story. It will help you understand who you are and who we are as a nation.” Upper School history teacher Amaris White said she invited Daboiku to speak to the Seven Hills community in order to give students an opportunity to view their historical academic knowledge through the lens of an academic speaker who is also a storyteller and expert on the varied experiences of African-Americans in the Midwest. Thank you to Seven Hills’ Upper School student-run African-American Awareness Club, and White, for inviting Daboiku, a curriculum designer and former Cincinnati State instructor. Daboiku’s visit was part of Seven Hills’ African-American Awareness Club’s observance of Black History Month.