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Upper School Symphonic and Contemporary Ensembles Perform Concert

The Upper School Symphonic and Contemporary Ensembles held their last concert of the year in mid-May. Middle and Upper School instrumental teacher John Rising invited fourth- and fifth-grade musicians to help open the show and play with the symphonic ensemble. The group of Lower School students meets with Rising to practice two mornings a week. The symphonic ensemble played a wide selection of songs, including Lasting Legacy, Pixar Movie Favorites, The Wizard of Oz Meets the Wiz, Prince in Concert, and My Shot from the popular musical Hamilton. Sophomore Rosalind Roland, who plays clarinet, served as vocalist. The contemporary ensemble brought their musical stylings to a selection of songs that included Blues Walk , Cornbread, and Moondance. Senior Natalie Choo provided vocals for a rousing rendition of the Doobie Brothers Long Train Runnin’. The ensemble ended the show with Four on Six, which Rising said was a particularly challenging song. During the concert, Rising recognized the many seniors graduating this year. He shared a special memory about creating a Harlem Shake video with them when they were still in eighth grade, making the audience laugh. He told the students to keep playing music and hoped, as they continued to move through life, they continued to enjoy music as much as he does. He also noted how strong they’ve been as musicians. “You’ve always done your best to meet my unrealistic expectations,” Rising said. Graduating seniors include Lena Bauer, Leah Blatt, Matthew Maring, Drew Miccoli, Micah Cummings, Ben Agin, Jessica Nordlund, Lehna Thompson, Michael Barresi, Christine Cao, Jonathan Harsh, Carly Jones, Louann Kovach, Patrick Samaha, Curits Sun, Quinn Hoffman, Ben Schiff, and Charlie Karamanoukian

 Click here to see more photos from the performance.