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Upper School Students Stage The 39 Steps

The Upper School’s recent production of The 39 Steps truly had it all — mystery, intrigue, romance, and plenty of laughs. After two performances, students also performed a truncated version for the Upper School students and faculty in mid-February. The play follows Richard Hannay, who must clear his name after a woman is stabbed in his apartment. Along the way, he meets a cast of characters who foil him, either accidentally or on purpose, every step of the way. The hilarious romp that blends Alfred Hitchcock’s artistry with the absurdist humor of Monty Python had its audiences in stitches. In one particularly memorable scene, with the help of an elaborate scrim, shadow boxing, and keen puppetry, our Upper School theater students nailed a performance of Hannay on the run, taking to land, sea, and air in attempt to escape the police. Congratulations to the cast and crew, seniors Lena Bauer, Seth Friedman, Robert Hill-Guarino, Sophie Janidlo, Kay Kemp, George Long, Brett Miller, and Abby Smith; juniors Rachel Michelman, Corinne Smith, and Alex Stevens; sophomores Annie Halonen, Gabby Kominar, and Maya Kool; freshmen Audrey Howard and Elyse Stieby; and drama teacher Stephanie Park and theatre tech teacher Trey Tatum!

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