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Upper School Contemporary and Symphonic Ensemble

Upper School Symphonic and Contemporary musicians delivered an eclectic representation of months of practice and hard work during their first concert in The Schiff Center in mid-May. They played a total of 12 songs, which ranged from Robert Smith’s “Encanto” and a Led Zeppelin arrangement to “Funky Cha Cha” by Arturo Sandoval and “Birdland” by Josef Zawunil. Throughout the performance, instrumental music teacher John Rising shared his respect and admiration for his student musicians, who came together to practice several days a week and create a beautiful sound. Rising also paid tribute to his senior musicians. “Many of these young adults have been committed to the program for seven years. That’s a lot of concerts and school programs. Whether you have been playing for one or more programs, I want to make sure you all understand how much I value your commitment as I know it hasn’t always been easy,” said Rising. “You excel academically, on the fields and courts, in art studios, on the stage, and have been school leaders. I look forward to every rehearsal, watching many of you take the time to musically escape from your other life worries. You have always done your best to meet the unrealistic expectations that I often ask of you and endured a good amount of direct, honest, and not always pleasant feedback. Please stay committed and passionate about music and please keep playing.” Congratulations to Rising and all instrumentalists. A special thanks as well to our fourth- and fifth-grade musicians, who played for the first time as an ensemble and performed in The Schiff Center!

Click here to view photos from the concert.