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Upper School Art Show

From towering ceramic coil art to surreal acrylic paintings and photography, to miniature sculptures and glorious sketches, the product of Upper School students’ artistry was on display in the Donovan Arts Center in early January. The art show featured more than 200 pieces of art completed by 120 students, said art teacher Daniel Vance.“We are proud of the students and all the hard work they put in,” said art teacher Jason Knarr. “It is great for the students to see the fruits of their labor and show off their work to their peers. Some of the students have worked on certain pieces for months.” Knarr added that art shows are a personal form of communication that often calls for bravery on the part of the artist. “Showing one’s art is a potential risk,” said Knarr. “There is a sense of bravery required in being able to put it out there and show off their artistic endeavors to the public.” 

Click here to view photos from the art show.