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Unit III Peace Poetry Project

Unit III students explored peace via poetry during their Peace Poems presentation in late January. Unit III teacher Bill Schmidt said students focused on the idea of peace, in recognition of the life’s work of Martin Luther King, Jr. “We examined the work of artist John Noltner, who interviewed ordinary people from all around the country. His interviews were centered around the question, “What does peace mean to you?” In turn, Unit III students wrote poetry centered around the same question. Their work was printed on banners and displayed in a way that was inspired by Noltner’s installation. On Friday, the students held a poetry reading for their parents and other Doherty students in the cafeteria. “The students had practiced reflecting the idea of peace through their vocal inflection and body language as well as their chosen words,” said Schmidt. “It came through in a simple, yet powerful statement that impacted both the presenters and their audience.”