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Unit III Creates Crosswords in Spanish

In addition to high-frequency words in daily conversations, Unit III Spanish students in John Krauss’ class are working on a special project to commit their Spanish verbs to memory—Verb Project 2019. “The main goal of Verb Project 2019 is to commit to memory, without the boredom of repetition, the verbs that are vital to speaking Spanish,” Krauss said. “I introduce new verbs each week that are added to a cumulative and ever-growing quiz. Each student must score 100% on each week’s quiz in order to take the next one.” Students also do group-based activities, such as “Kraussword Puzzles,” which allow them to think about the words, find patterns, and use them in different ways. “Combinations of diverse learning activities like these are used every day in Spanish class, and this differentiation by design allows students to build stronger learning connections, embed information deeper into their long-term memory, and become better masters of the material,” Krauss said.