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Unit I Learns about Birds of Prey

First-graders on the Doherty Campus just had a wild encounter with some feathered friends from Raptor Inc., a licensed wildlife rehabilitator that treats and releases birds of prey. Some birds, however, are not able to be released, due to injuries. With permission from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, volunteers are able to use some of those birds to educate the community about raptors. During a mid-April visit, students in Margaret Walsh and Amy Kulhavik’s classes listened intently as Raptor Inc. educators showed them two owls and a hawk, and taught them all about raptors and explained how to help keep the birds safe by not throwing things like apple cores from the window while driving. “Some people think it’s OK because its compostable, but the fruit lands near the road, then mice are attracted to it,” said educator Charlene Howell. “Owls and hawks are attracted to the mice and they fly near the road, putting their lives in danger.”