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Tunnel Walk

In reflective silence, Doherty Unit III students recently observed the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, with their annual tunnel walk procession. Each year, fourth- and fifth-graders honor the people who risked their lives to help others on Sept. 11. “We talked about the components of courage, and what makes a hero,” said Unit III teacher Dana Pease. “We learned about the heroic deeds of a firefighter named Stephen Siller, who was off duty that day, but chose to head straight to the twin towers to save lives. Ultimately, Siller lost his life to save many others.” Unit III teacher Bill Schmidt said students explored what it means to have courage in their own lives. “They made badges of courage to display in the Farran Hall tunnel. To reflect and honor those heroes of 9/11, we began our tunnel walk with the Pledge of Allegiance, then proceeded with our silent walk around the Doherty Campus,” said Schmidt. “We concluded the commemorative walk by hanging the badges in the tunnel to share with our school community.”