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Third-graders Study the Solar System

Third-graders in Kate LaBare’s science class recently had a Zoom virtual field trip with Samantha Pepper, education manager at the Cincinnati Observatory. The session was an extension to LaBare’s Solar System exploration and study. After learning about the planets in our solar system, LaBare challenged students to design an alien life form with adaptations to survive and thrive on the planet, moon, or dwarf planet of their choice. Pepper shared some pop culture aliens. “As a culminating activity for this unit, students are designing an alien with adaptations to help them survive in the planet’s specific habitat. What temperature is it there?  How strong is the force of gravity?  What is their source of energy?,” LaBare said. “The students’ choice of aliens can be inspired by a movie or book character or by some of the amazing organisms found on our planet.”Students submitted written proposals outlining their ideas and answering guiding questions, and are making the aliens from household items.