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Thankful for the Turkey Tango!

Lotspeich second-graders and seniors ushered in the winter holiday season, kicking off Thanksgiving break in late November.  Under the direction of music teacher Robin Wilson, the second-graders first danced alone then concluded the dance side-by-side with the seniors in Kalnow Gym. Lotspeich art teacher Jody Knoop kicked off the season of gratitude by showing a fun reel of dozens of students, teachers, and staff sharing what they are thankful for. Head of Lotspeich Carolyn Fox thanked the school community for a fun day and encouraged students to be grateful. “It helps us to live better and rest better,” said Fox. Earlier in the day, students in the ECC also celebrated Thanksgiving in a special way by gathering near the building’s stage to enjoy a feast. Children sat around the table together and enjoyed a delicious meal.