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Sue Bone Retires After More Than Two Decades at Seven Hills

The Buzz would like to share a tribute to retiring physical teacher Sue Bone, written by Middle and Upper School instrumental teacher John Rising.

After serving Seven Hills as a Middle School physical education teacher for 26 years, Sue Bone retired at the end of the 2018-19 school year. She touched many lives, both student and faculty, during her time at Seven Hills. In the spring, her colleague John Rising, Middle and Upper School instrumental teacher, shared kind words about Bone and her impact she has had on life in the Middle. 

Rising said Bone “makes everything fun.” “I have no idea how she does it. She makes the most boring things less boring.  She has the energy of a middle school kid, which makes the rest of us appear lazy,” Rising said. “Sue makes us—both kids and adults—laugh because she is genuinely fun and knows how important it is to inject fun into the lives of others. There are probably a million stories we could tell that start  with the line, ‘Remember when Ms. Bone…’”

He also noted how Bone wears many hats in the Middle. During her time at Seven Hills, she has organized special events, run the Middle School student council, and coached the varsity gymnastics team. “Sue goes well out of her way to serve the students and puts the students’ well-being first! Sometimes to a fault because she is agreeable to most ideas, which usually involve me without my knowledge or permission!” Rising said. “Sue will and has done everything to serve the students of this school as a teacher and a coach.” 

Rising said Bone was also integral in supporting a new music program at Seven Hills, which Rising helped launch when he started working at Seven Hills 20 years ago. “Sue was vital in making the case for a real music program that involved chorus and instrumental options. She has played clarinet in every instrumental concert in some capacity that I have given at the school,” Rising said. “The kids love having her play with them. She puts herself on equal ground and supports the players around her and even attempts to play instruments she is not great at. When the  kids see her doing it and putting out the effort, it makes the whole experience less difficult and way more fun.”

Overall, Rising said, Bone is “positive, and positive people effect the world.” “Can you imagine touching the lives of thousands of students in this way? Sue does not have to imagine this because she has done it. No matter how difficult a situation may be, Sue finds a way to make it less miserable,” he said. “There are only a couple of people at Seven Hills who have had the type of impact Sue has had. She makes the kids feel important and feel valued. She goes out of her way to do the little things that make a difference. She supports her student athletes more than any other coach and makes their participation and achievements special. I can’t think of another person at Seven Hills that is as involved in the fabric of the Middle School.”